In December of 2018, I was bingeing another Netflix series by myself because I just felt so distant from my wife and the marriage we had dreamed about having years prior. I was looking forward to dropping the kids off at daycare and going to work because it meant 8-10 hours away from the place I felt least appreciated in the world...
I dreaded going home because I knew that my wife would be there, and I would still feel alone, like a stranger, or even worse, the person who least liked me in the world lived at my house.
At the same time, I was trying to figure out how to make this marriage better and more enjoyable without losing who I was in the process.
After struggling for 4 years, I decided to heavily invest in my own learning and development by pursuing some of the best Christian perspective and behavior Coaches on the planet and learning from them first-hand.
Within 90 days, I was able to almost completely eliminate my contributions to our marriage problems, and as a result, I saw our marriage problems drastically decline in just 2 weeks and the major problems we had for 4 years, never came back. Half a decade later, this is still the case.

Today, i'm incredibly passionate about helping other Christian couples tap into the incredible power of mindset and the secrets to behavior mastery in their marriages...

Altogether, I've helped more than 60 Married Christians to completely change their mindset, behavior, and ultimately the relationships that mean the most to them.